Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Times With Dad

I love to help daddy with whatever he's doing. It might be work to him but to me it's fun. Can you tell from my smile.
This was taken at Sea World. I actually wore a hat but as you can see I like to wear it kinda low. The flowers are so pretty and they smell really good too. Mommy noticed some Gardenia trees and smelled them every time we passed one.
This was Easter Sunday at Abby's cousins house. Their cat actually let us pet it. She's big and fluffy and purrs when you pet her. She doesn't run away from you either.

I really really liked this princess jeep. So much so that after they unplugged the battery I figured out how to plug it back in. Daddy gave me a high five for that one.

My Easter basket. The Easter Bunny left a little stub from his carrot. He must have been hungry. Thank you Easter Bunny for my chocolate bunny.

Exuce me everybody while I pick a little something here. I was admiring my freckle but something started to tickle and now I'm digging for it.

Look at my blue tongue. It's blue from my lollipop that the bank teller gave me.

I was helping daddy plant some flowers and then I got distracted with some play.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jake just loves his Aunt Maine. We rented a bounce house for the backyard for Jake's 3rd birthday. He had an absolute blast. This little boy loves to bounce! Here he is opening presents with the help of little Mikey and Emily.

Saying "Thank you for my presents everybody."

With daddy. his best friend.

Me, Tara and Jake jumping around after the party. Mike's behind the camera. This bouncing is quite a workout. No wonder Jake is pooped for days after.

Jake and Uncle David, his godfather. Jake is always excited when he comes over and Uncle David loves to play with him.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jake had such a good time at this place. Trains trains everywhere make for a completely happy little bear. These people really get into this stuff.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Over the Christmas Holiday

A special note: since we bought a new computer I have had problems uploading pictures and video. So, I tried for like an hour to put some video up but wouldn't you know I sucked up most of the battery just on that and its on power saver. So I hope that pictures are enough for now.

Tara and Kristi gave Jake this Mickey Mouse fishing game for Christmas. Now he says "Mommy, want to play fishing with me?" He loves it but doesn't quite play by the rules. Everyone else catches the fish and he takes them for his own pile. I'm not sure if everyone knows this but Tara has taken an incredible interest in photography and took this picture of Kristi and Jake. Too bad we're not good enough to get a precious one of her with Jake.
So we started the tradition of making a gingerbread house for the holidays every year. Even Tara said "how did it turn out so well," when she found out that Mike and Jake made it. Me, I did the prep and clean up. Jake tried to eat some of the candies and actually did; not caring that they were hard as rocks.

Monday, September 8, 2008

He loves to play in the yard. Often, he will walk over to the hose and start playing and pretending. Then he says "I want to get wet mommy, I want to get wet." I usually wait for Mike to get home because it often becomes a big job. Also, there's no one he would rather play with than daddy. There are lots of videos of the same play day but, hey, that's what I have.